My Fatal Lady, 

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As promised, I’ve uploaded my newest pic for the Chocolate Beauties Femme Fatale contest on Deviantart. (vote

I don’t know what about Audrey Hepburn’s horce race dress from “My Fair Lady” screamed sneaky assassin, but I went with it anyway. I made her dress more 50’s/ 007 like, ans turned her fluffy umbrella into a disguised sword (you can see the tip of the sword at the end, and the beginning right before the fluff) . Honestly she has some ninja stars tucked neatly into her hair, and a gun strapped to her leg, but what kind of femme fatale would she be if you saw all of that. For now she’ll stick to throwing the 3 different types of daggers she has in her hand. I hope you enjoy. (Vote

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